It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget To Live..

“I don’t give a shit about grand gestures or flowers at my door, I just want your teeth across my neck and my lips pressed to the small of your back, I want your stupid fucking sense of humour making me laugh at 4am when I have to be up at 6.”

– (via ruby-moon)



I just found the best Facebook page

i’d call this bullshit but then i remember my aunt went to a private boarding school and my grandpa picked her up in a helicopter every friday so she could go home for the weekends



Chameleon hatching

humans are fucking pathetic look at this little nigga come out of his egg on his own no crying no helpless “wah wah cut my umbilical cord” bullshit he come out and he already on the hunt for reptilian pussy no fear no games. and we’re the evolved species? smh




"Girl Scouts promote lesbianism and abortion!"

Yes why do you think I bought 15 boxes of thin mints. 

Yes, but Girl Scout shouldn’t be a thing, it should just be Scouting of America!!

Girls Scouts became a thing because guys could not and still cannot handle women in their troops defend the girl scouts to the fucking death because we aren’t equal and taking away safe spaces for young girls won’t achieve that either 

Boys scouts have been scouts canada for more than 7 years. It’s open to both girls and boys. They originally made Girl Scouts because one BAMF girl was in Boy Scouts disguised as a boy for months and months and no one found out until one day they were going into a boys changing room to get changed and she refused. Because it was the early 1900s and boys and girls were still supposed to be mostly segregated the leaders of that scouts group helped her open up Girl Scouts.